what is "Abnieh NoAndish" doing?!

  • Consulting Engineering Services
  • MC
  • EPCF
  • Crisis and Passive Defense
  • Restoration of Cultural Heritage
  • Establishment of engineering services control unit in institutions
  • Internal and external development of the company
  • Establishment of a study and research unit
  • Improving the quality of engineering services
  • Establishment of educational institution and promotion
  • Attending trade unions and specialized associations
  • Establish a permanent quality management system

Abnieh NoAndish

"Abnieh NoAndish" Consulting Engineers Company (Santra) started its activity with design and execution (Tehran dormitory for the blind) in 1973.

Projects that were completed in the first period of activity until 1988, often in the form of design and implementation (EPC) have been completed:

- Airbus nest project and (infrastructure facilities) at Tehran Mehrabad Airport.
- (In collaboration with the German company MERO)
- Thomson & Gates radio transmitter in Kiashahr port.
- Persepolis Chemical Industry Complex.
- Ahmad Ibn Mousa (AS) huge sports-cultural-tourism complex in Shiraz.

Among these activities have been, (More...)