GolAra Yavarinezhad

Position: CEO

2020 - Now


She was born in Tehran and graduated in the field of civil engineering and continued her education in the field of hydraulic structures. In 2006, she graduated in this field and joined the consulting engineers of "Abnie NoAndish". First, she joined the development unit, which consisted of overseas development and domestic branch affairs, and in 2014, was promoted to the management of this unit. In 2019, been appointed as Deputy CEO and finally in 2020 was appointed as CEO.

Former CEOs


Esmaeil Rezaei

1968 - 2020
He has been the CEO of "Abnieh Noandish" (Santra) throughout his tenure. Rezaei studied first in mechanical engineering (Sharif University of Technology) and then in architecture and urban planning (Shahid Beheshti University) and construction and civil engineering (Tehran and Karaj). Bachelor's degree and consulting management in the above various departments as well as educational activities at Sharif University of Technology as a faculty member in the years 1971-1967 and the experiences of engineering management in civil institutions are among his other experiences.