Publishing this collection for the 40th anniversary of the activities of Abnieh Noandish Consultant Engineers (CENTRA) has been one of the dreams of the management of the company, particularly managing director that seek presenting a comprehensive report to the Construction Engineering Association Organization on the goals and objectives pursued in establishing this consultant engineers company, the quality of the realization of those objectives and the projects that have so far been handled and completed by the valuable Iranian experts and specialists in this complex in the path of development and prosperity of Iran, this jewel of human culture and the banner bearer of architecture and arts of the world and ancient history of vast countries in the globe and the services provided by this Company in the past forty years in a society, the engineering infrastructure of it has always been one of the firmest infrastructures in the region.
The evolution of Iranian engineering infrastructure from a one-factor system (employer, construction workers) in 1910s to 1930s and its change into a two-factor system (employer, contractor) during 1930s to 1960s, followed by its promotion to a three-agent system (employer, contractor, consultant) as a result of appearance of few consultant engineers after 1960s in the field of civil development, particularly the unique supports shown towards the consultant engineers by the then governments and viewing consultant engineers as a disarticulated brain of employer in planning, studies, design and supervision on civil development projects and ultimately, promoting this infrastructure to a four-agent system (employer, contractor, consultant, plan management) in the late 1990s and first years of 200s have been the product of valuable efforts of senior managers of Budget and Planning Organization in the recent decade.
The highly disciplined and on-time by-laws needed in the entire time of the period of changes in one century is a praiseworthy task and its updated and consistency with the most complete by-laws in the world are the results of extensive efforts of the then managers of Planning Organization for Development and Housing Organizations and such; and appreciating their efforts could be possible only through self-sacrifice and pure and selfless activities of active agents in executives, contractors, consults and plan managers parts. In addition, the efforts of those groups are the least thanks to the patriot fellow countrymen and their brevity in the fields of defending the sacred territory of this land and their self sacrifice, martyrdom, obedience to God and understanding the compassion of the omnipotent God as in Quran, And He placed you on earth and assigned you to cultivate and prosper in it.
The managers of this consultant engineers are well aware of their possible weaknesses in 40 years of work and they do hope that by considering all factors, some of them have been noted in this report as well, they will present a more successful report in future years.


Abnieh Noandish (CENTRA) Consulting Engineers Group started its activities by designing and execution of Tehran Dormitory for the Blind in 1873. It was an initiation which has continued to this date by the bliss of the energy and heartfelt appreciation of the blinds group of the capital city and the grace of God. The projects that have been already handled in the first period of activities to 1988 were mostly on the execution and plan (EPC) templates, including the Airbus Hangar Project (and the infra-structure installations) in Mehrabad Airport of Tehran with cooperation of MERO Company in Germany, Thompson and Gates Radio transmission stations in Kianshahr Port, Persepolis Chemical Industries Complex and Ahmad bin Mousa Large Sports, Cultural and Tourism Complex in Shiraz City are among these activities. Principally, the experiencing design and execution (EPC) in prior years of the Islamic Revolution and a little after that were all successful experiences in which, the speed and quality of project execution on one hand, and the design and execution experiences on the other hand were considered as significant achievements for the engineers and experts in promoting their capabilities. Design and execution of multi-purpose complexes (tourism, sports, cultural…) in many parts of the country by this company in 1974-1978 were considered as clearly successful EPC examples of that time and presently, this company benefits from this method in private sector with the participation of the investors of this sector, of course, there are some weaknesses such as some underestimation of the role of consultant by the investors and their lack of appreciation in that regards, the removing which requires control organizations.
In 1982, during the imposed war, and due to the priority and acceleration needed in military projects and the necessity to focus on those projects in the engineering entities engaged in the holy defense, this engineering group; too, joined this field and during eight years, it gained the honor of designing military installations (air, land and marine).
In the beginning of 2008, the necessity of separating the executive department and the design department of company, as demanded in the current by-laws of Management and Planning Organization and the conditions of the project was felt, and after the imposed war, the executive department continued its activities by the name L.CENTRA and the design group as Abnieh Noandish Company, independently. It should be mentioned that both companies keep exchanging their experiences without working on joint projects to this date. Of these cooperation programs, one may note the development of a process anemogram of the process of performing a high level project planning from the initial stage to the end, operated in 88 stages. The management of the Company hole that this anemogram could be used in completing the unfinished cycles of planning and executing the development projects and/or, investment in the useful private sectors by relevant organizations. Among the successful experiences of the management of the company, one is the possibility of practicing federative methods in managing pending projects since 1974 and ultimately, the plan became materialized as pilot federation of consultation and executive services in West and East Azarbaijan, managed by Mr. Eng. Fakhreddin Safari, the pilot federative of engineering services in Semnan province, managed by Mr. Eng. Majid Haghighat and the EPC service federation in Fars, Mazandaran and Tehran provinces, managed by Mr. Eng. Esmaeil Rezaei; giving greatly successful results. And definitely, if there was no design and execution division in the complex in 1989, perhaps the federative experience in providing consultancy engineering could become overall and by removing some minor defects, it could become one of the successful methods of consultants engineering management.
It should be mentioned here that the experience of cooperation among seven companies in 1980 and 1981 by the encouragement of the honorable energy minister and consequently, formation of HEG Company with the representation and management of the seven companies mentioned above, introduced the plan as a successful experience that achieved in designing and executing 400 KW substation lines in the absence of important European companies such as Philips, Cojedes and similar companies. This consortium and EEG Company, developed by the innovation of its experienced manager (Mr.Eng.Fahimi) showed that the plan could be a suitable alternative in the crisis conditions, sanctions and threats.
In 2006, the company received Qualification Certificate in Class One category for handling projects of any kinds of buildings with different applications, and by increasing few other cores such as historical monuments and buildings restoration and repairs, the inactive defense conditions, and reinforcement. The new certificate was a revised certificate. In addition, the Project Management Qualification Certificate of the Company was approved accordingly.
In 2008, the board of directors of the Company unanimously approved the necessity of issuance of consultancy engineering services by the Company that has been providing services to this date in Belorussia, Armenian Republic, Iraq and South Africa countries. There have been already many projects executed and carried out in those countries and the subject states have issued certificate of branch registration for those countries and the necessary branches have already been equipped and implemented.
In 2012, the company lodged the request for revision in qualification range of the company by appending a repetition rank in the ranks and classes (one), as it had been issued in 2006. This application is presently in its final stage of issuance process.
In conclusion, this consultant engineers prays for the acceptance of its small services as carried out by the company and its effortful colleagues to achieve the satisfaction and needs of martyred warriors and the veterans such as martyr Gholamhossein Afshordi, the martyr Mohammad Jahanara…who worked hard without any claims or expectations and sacrificed their lives for saving people from any insults or suffering and in that path, gave away their lives for the satisfaction of God, the kind and compassionate creator of the world. God bless their souls.

Founders of the Complex

1- Dr. Hamidreza Ramezani
A graduate of Architecture from Ferdowsi University in Mashhad in Master’s program, he received his Ph.D. in Urban Management in 2001. He worked in construction projects management of Islamic Propagation Organization, later in the Investment Organization of Municipality of Tehran and management of Samen Sazeh Company (affiliated to Samenolaemeh Credit Cooperative). He is an official expert to the Justice Administration as well.
• Dr. Ramezani performed valuable services during the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1978, during imposed war and the following years in the I.R.I.G.C.
• Among his valuable experiences, the management of large administration and trading projects in E.P.C.F. template.

2- Engineer Nader Rahnama (vice-chairman of board of directors)
A graduate of Sharif University in 1974. His professional experiences are divided into two parts. First part: Teaching mechanics and physics in university and management of mechanics department in the university.
Part two: Design and supervision on buildings mechanical installations and urban installation
Part three: Scientific studies and researches in advanced mathematics.

3- Engineer Esmaeil Rezaei (managing director)
He is the managing director of Abnieh Noandish Consultants Engineers during the activities of Abnieh Noandish Consultant (CENTRA). He graduated in mechanical engineering from Sharif University of Technology, Architecture and Urban Development from Shahid Beheshti University and Civil Engineering (Tehran and Karaj). His activities included expertise and consultant management in different areas mentioned above as well as being a faculty member at Shahid University of Technology in 1972 to 1976, His engineering management in civil development entities are among his other experiences (see his resume in present report).

4- Engineer Mahmoud Saheli (member of board of directors)
A graduate of Architecture from Shahid Beheshti University in 1983. His professional experiences have been in design, supervision and management of construction and civil projects in the area of designing hospitals and medical facilities in the consultant engineering. He started working with this company in 2007 in managing Tehran Grand Prayer Site (Mosala Tehran) followed by working in design department. He has been a shareholder and member of board of directors of Abnieh Noandish Consultant Engineers since 2011 and in 2013; he was assigned as the Head of Designing Department of the Company.

5- Engineer Farshad Sadjadi (member of board of directors)
A graduate of Science and Technology University in Electrical Engineering in 1982. His professional experiences have been in the area of design, supervision and management of Civil Projects Installations Department. He started working with this Company in 2007 as Head of Electrical and Electronics Department of management of Imam Khomeini Grand Prayer Site (Mosala Tehran) and due to his domination and superior management capabilities; he became one of the shareholders and a member of board of directors of Abnieh Consultant Engineers in 2011. In 2013, he was appointed as Head of Electrical Design of the Company.

6- Engineer Naser Ali Asgari (member of board of directors)
A graduate of construction and civil from England (Northeast London) in 1982. His professional experiences have been in the area of management of design, execution and supervision of construction and civil, site construction as well as experiences in designing marine and air sites and military buildings. He was elected as a member of board of directors in 1996 and has been in that office since then. At the same time, he has the responsibility of civil department in the company.

7- Engineer Alireza Rezaei (vice managing director)
He was born in Tehran. He graduated from Alborz University in Tehran and studied in civil engineering in Semnan and Tehran universities. His practical experiences were in construction architecture department, and later in management of the Company. He is presently the vice managing director of this consultant engineers.
His efforts in the amendments and improvement of the entities forecasted in the new organizational chart of the company and compatibility with the organizational chart as suggested by Management and Planning Organization on one hand and the ISO quality management system on the other hand have played a determining role in the evolution of the management system of the company.

8- The late Engineer Mohamamdreza Rezaei
Born in city of Tehran in 1981, he graduated from Alborz High School and Dr. Hesabi School of Tehran and completed his university education in architecture major in 2008. His researches and vast studies in mathematics, physics and philosophy have been significant and some of his scientific findings have been studied and in some extents confirmed in the numerical analysis, geometry of rotating plains, and revision in the proportion of colors by using mathematical model. Unfortunately, he passed away in the beginning of 2009 due to cardiac complications. May his soul rest in heaven

9- Mr. Hamidreza Rezaei
He was born in Tehran and graduated from Pars Afza High School and continued his university education in architecture in Tehran. His experiences have been in management of idea development and contests of this consultancy. Acquiring high ranks in the inside and international competitions are among his honors.

10- Ms. Elaheh Delavar
She was born in Tehran. Her experiences were first in the area of architecture, and later, in different management sections of the Company. She made a significant contribution to the quality progress of the company.
Her success in drawing up the perspective of the company in 2023 in financial, technical and managerial dimensions was in fact a successful end of a period of activities of the company in forty years, preparation of relevant strategic details with cooperation of the managing director and its approval at the board of directors meeting were among her achievements in establishing a suitable and firm structure in the company. She became one of the shareholders and managers of the company after the transfer of a part of the stocks of the late Farzaneh Delvar to her in 1995.


1- To establish and develop a scientific, research and engineering institute for providing consultancy engineering services in the civil and urban development projects in both public and private sectors in following areas:
• Consultation engineering services (in studies and ideas development in construction projects and urban services)
• Consultant engineering services (in design and preparation of the executive blueprints and drawings for buildings projects)
• Consultant engineering services (in higher supervision and sites sections in the executive process of the projects)
• Economic justification studies in the process of formation and undertaking projects and utilizing them (PS)

2- Establishment of project management (MC) for running the project, control and delivery of services from concerned organizations

3- Establishment of the unit for design, manufacturing and investment (EPCF) , for the purpose of design and execution of projects and directing investments at the same time

4- Establishment of inactive defense unit, crisis control centers and relevant studies, and cooperation in its execution

5- Establishment of the unit for restoring cultural heritages and monuments of the country for maintaining them as a part of cultural and historical identity

6- Establishment of control and revision units of consultant engineering services in other entities (technical assistance- double control)

7- Reasonable development of the company inside and outside Iran by aiming at the promotion and exchanging engineering services experiences and their exportation

8- Development of studies and researches for preparing reference and source books and papers in various sectors of construction

9- Promotion of the quality of consultant engineering services as an important and constant affairs and establishing necessary systems

10- Establishment of engineering education entity in construction sectors for promoting the engineering knowledge of the Iranian graduates

11- Membership and activities in the guilds and specialized associations for the purpose of promoting profession in the process of collective and guilds cooperation

12- Establishment of a constant entity of quality management system (Q.M) and time management T M for projects

13- Establishment of a constant entity for providing social services as a social and religious duty

14- Establishment of the “Consultants Engineering Complex” as a full entity for providing consultancy engineering services with the presence of all disciplines